5GF-LDE Diesel Generator

5GF-LDE Diesel Generator

June 21, 2018 0

5GF-LDE is more slient than gasoline powered models of equivalent size. This feature-laden generator is ideal for commercial, home, and recreational use is widely used in applications where noise is a factor. The 5GF-LDE produces 6000 Watts of power.
Powered by a dependable Diesel engine this generator delivers dependable power using 40% of the fuel a comparable gasoline powered generator uses. This generator will run for over twelve hours on a mere 15 liters of diesel at 75% load.
The 5GF-LDE Features standard, convenient electric starting with automatic, mechanical decompression and automatic throttle control. The oil alert system guards against engine damage by stopping the engine automatically if the oil level drops too low. The fuel tank ensures many hours of continuous running.
The power panel includes a 12 V DC 8A tap, a double 15A 120V GFI plug, and a switchable 110/220V outlet as well as an output voltage meter


Auxiliary power for motor home.

Auxiliary power for Specialty Bus

Rental Equipment

Construction site power

Powering a remote garage






Type Revolving field type two pole
Phase Single
Excitation System Controlled Constant Self-Excitation
Frequency (Hz) 60
Cont. AC output (VA) 5000
Max. AC output (VA) 6000
Current AC (A) 120/240 20.8 / 41.7
Voltage (V) 120/240
DC Output 12V ? 8.3 VA


Type direct injected, 4-Stroke, forced air cooled, vertical single-cylinder diesel
Decompression Mechanical, automatic
Fuel Diesel
Max. Power (HP/rpm) 13 / 3600
Bore and Stroke (mm) 86 x 70
Starting system Electric starter
Fuel tank capacity 3.3 gal/15 L
Lube Oil capacity .36 gal / 1.65 L
Displacement 406 cc


Continuous run time
@ 75% load
12 hr
Speed at 75% load 3600
Noise Level (dB) 70 dB at 7m
Protection System Low Oil Warning &
Stop Device
Weight 377 lb /171 Kg
Dimensions (mm)
35.8 * 20.5* 29.1″

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